Our story in bookkeeping and accounts

For many years Accounts & Books Assist’s founder Leanne Chen saw the bookkeeping and accounts management industry survive on lots of manual data entry, paper record filings, and manual, sometimes handwritten, spreadsheets.

“Gladly those days have gone” Ms Chen said. “Today cloud technology has provided businesses with great controls and efficiencies for financial management. Providing large reductions in costs and time.”

For over 20 years, Leanne Chen has seen how technology has impacted businesses mostly in a positive way, although she has also seen the negative impact it can have if not approached well.

“Today’s technology is fast-paced and continues to evolve quickly. It’s not always easy to adjust. However, it is important for our business to continue to focus on growing and not get bogged down.”

Ms Chen said, “Accounts & Books Assist was established to help businesses be able to embrace and adopt the changes needed for them to get on growing.”

“We want to help lighten your load and increase your profitability.”

Please ask us how we can help.

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