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Should you buy or lease your business assets?

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There are certain items of equipment, machinery and hardware that are essential to the operation of your business – whether it’s the delivery van you use to run your home-delivery food service, or the high-end digital printer you use to run your print business. But when a critical business asset…

Contractor or Employee – What You Need to Know

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What is the difference between a contractor and an employee and whose responsibility is it to get right? An employee works in the business and is integral to that business has rights and entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009 has a reasonable expectation of ongoing work, agreed hours and…

2020-21 Australian Federal Budget announced

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The Federal Budget, announced on Tuesday 6th October, focuses heavily on job creation in order to pull the country out of the economic crisis it faces. Talk to us about the impacts on you and your business.

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